Racecourse operators have been advised to prepare for an “unusually severe” storm, as the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (ABS) has warned of a “very severe” weather event.

    ABS storm warnings issued on Thursday and Friday state a storm surge of up to 3 metres in some parts of south-east Queensland and Tasmania could hit the state, while the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is under a flood warning.

    The agency also warned that parts of the Great Barrier Reef could be “very, very vulnerable” in the event of an event like this, while a tropical storm warning is in place for parts of eastern Queensland.

    While the threat of a storm is low, the agency warned that the situation in Queensland could become extremely dangerous if the risk of storm surges and flooding are not taken into account.

    “The ABS has issued a storm warning for Queensland and the ACT due to the severe weather expected to affect the region,” the agency said.

    “Storm surges of up from 2 to 4 metres could occur in parts of Queensland, including Queensland City, and coastal areas in the ACT.”

    In the ACT, coastal areas are also likely to be under a coastal flood warning.”ABS said it had been working with state and territory officials to provide guidance to the public, but stressed that it was the ABS that made the final call on what to do if a storm occurred.”ABS has made the decision to issue the weather warnings, and the ABS has no involvement in the development of the forecast,” the ABS said in a statement.

    The ABC’s Peter Lewis was at the Melbourne racecourse, which is in the South Australian region, on Thursday when he saw how the forecast was looking.”

    They’ve got it on the phone,” he said.”[The forecast] is looking really bad for Brisbane.

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