DONcaster, Australia: It’s a lot to get used to in the small town of Doncaster, but the city has a brand new hotel and a brand-new racecourse.

    The hotel is an all-new facility and the new race course is a brand name that will change the way people look at Doncaster.

    “There are so many things to do, and it’s really nice to have something new,” Doncaster resident Michael Storck said.

    “I can’t wait to start the new season.”

    The new race venue is the first race venue built by the Perth Convention and Exhibition Authority, and is located in the former Racecourse of the North Queensland.

    Racing will be allowed at the new facility, but it will be limited to four cars per driver.

    It is expected the new racing venue will bring in $1.3 million for the town, which will also have to pay for a $1 million upgrade to its public bathrooms.

    The hotel will also include a new banquet hall, a hotel lounge and a spa.

    There is a lot of excitement in Doncaster about what this new hotel will bring, but some have concerns about the new name.

    “I think we will have to wait for the brand name to be announced,” Donington resident Sue Loughran said.

    She was more concerned about the lack of race track parking, and how much of the $500,000 will be used to cover the cost of installing race track signage.

    “We don’t know how much we will be spending on race track,” Loughraran said, noting she wants to have the race track for the duration of the new year.

    “The racecourse was supposed to be there for four years, so it’s going to be a long time before we see the race.”

    The new hotel is expected to be completed in March 2019.

    Race season opens in January.

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    It’s going in a different direction.”

    Doncaster resident James Parnell is hoping to see the brand new race track built to accommodate racing at the Doncaster Convention and Exposition Authority.

    “[The new facility] will provide a lot more than just a race track, but we will also get the chance to have a banquet hall and hotel lounge, and then a spa,” he said.

    “If it’s good for the people of Donor, it’s great for the business.”

    There is also a lot going on with the city of Donandee, so this is a very good opportunity for us.

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    It’s going into the middle of the winter and there is no snow yet, so I think it’s very good for us.

    “Our business has been growing and the town is growing too


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