Racecourse in Leicester, England, is a place that has been at the forefront of the modern hairstyle, with hairstyles being made from various materials such as hair, wax and glue, which are all in abundance.

    As part of the racecourse’s annual Hair Week, the Leicestershire racecourse is hosting a racecourse-themed Hair Day, with hair being presented in different ways, including a bun, bob and ponytail, and a ponytail with a bob, as well as the traditional straight bob.

    The hair day also featured a traditional ponytail as well.

    However, the race course also hosted a Hair Festival, where people could wear the hair of the famous race winner, George V, to the race.

    In the video above, we see a ponytailed man in his 20s holding a hat and a scarf, as he holds the hair in a bun.

    The hair festival was also held at the Leicester Racecourse Festival in 2013, when racegoers could dress up in their hair for the event.

    The event was held to mark the anniversary of the start of the 20th century, when the raceground was founded in the 1880s and was the first racecourse in the world to offer racegoers a chance to race at a time when women could not attend a race due to the ban on women drivers.

    According to Racecourse-News, the event was a success with the racegoers and organisers seeing around 300 spectators attending the event at a cost of around £60.

    A new hair festival is scheduled for the same weekend in 2018, where racegoers can also try their hand at hair styling.