The new Auckland Auckland racehorse track has been unveiled and it is the biggest in the World.

    The new Racecourse Park will be open to the public starting in March 2019, the first time a racing track has opened for public use since it opened in 2007.

    The track will have a number of racing venues including the main paddock, paddock lounge and track side areas.

    The racecourse will also have a race facility that is not the track, which is part of the new racecourse design.

    Racecourse Park has a trackside area that is only open to visitors.

    The Racecourse will include:The trackside paddock will include a new paddock area, the racecourse lounge and an observation area for spectators.

    The paddock itself will include an indoor race course, a new race arena and a new trackside cafe and lounge.

    A large oval will be added to the trackside as a new pit lane and trackside pit lane.

    The pit lane will be built so it can be used as a training area for new horses.

    Race officials said the track will be designed so it is easier for horses to get in and out of the paddock.

    Race organisers have also said the paddocks will be made to look like a track and not a racecourse.

    The organisers said the new paddocks would be designed with an eye towards reducing the impact on the surrounding environment and be easier to access from a spectator point of view.

    A number of races will be held in the paddocker areas including:The paddocker area will be a place for people to relax with a cup of tea, a snack or just relax and have a drink.

    There will also be a training ground for new racehorses, including:There will be an indoor racing arena that is designed to be used for horse training.

    A racecourse simulator will also open.

    There is also a new training area where racing horses will be trained.

    The Grandstand will be closed, with spectators not allowed to enter the track.

    The Auckland Racing Club will be the organisation that manages the Racecourse.

    Auckland Racing Club chair Andrew Johnson said the decision to close the paddocking area and racecourse to the general public had been made for safety reasons.

    He said it was important to take a look at how to ensure that it was safe for people who come to visit the race course.

    “The paddocks are a very busy part of our racecourse and we’re not going to be able to accommodate the number of spectators who want to come and have fun,” he said.

    “It’s very important to keep that in mind.”

    The Auckland Racecourse was closed last year after a fire destroyed a number on the paddok and paddock areas.

    In July 2017, the Auckland Racing Group announced the closure of the Race Course Park in the wake of a blaze in the area.

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