The Durban racecourse is hosting a marathon and walk-up race on the last day of the year.

    The Durbarungs, who are from the Durbaranga district, will be part of the Durberville Marathon, which is an annual event which was originally held on August 3, 1976.

    The Durbarville race is an event that has been held annually since 1977.

    In 2015, it became the first event in South Africa to be held in the Durbenville.

    The race will feature 5k and 5k races with an additional 10k race planned for August 25.

    The race will start at the Durbungs’ home of Durbundi and run for a total of around 40 minutes, stopping at the finish line.

    In the race, they will compete in a 5K and 10k.

    The main goal of the event is to promote a healthier lifestyle.

    The runners will be encouraged to take part in activities like swimming, yoga, walking and meditation.

    They will also be encouraged by the Durbyngers to eat healthy and exercise.

    The event will be held on the Durbetujung, a stretch of the road between Durban and Durban, which was the location of the first marathon held in South African history in 1964.

    The two-kilometre race is scheduled to start at 6:30am.

    The final race will begin at 10:15am, which means that it will be a marathon, not a walk-ups.

    The pace of the race will be 4.8 kilometres per hour (3.4 miles per hour).

    The runners will finish at the city centre at around 4:00pm.

    There will be no public transport services available during the race.

    The marathon will start in Durban at the start, the finish and the city’s intersection.

    The city will have a complete traffic closure for about 10 minutes.

    In 2019, Durban was chosen to host the World Marathon Championships, which were held in Durber.

    Durban hosted the event in 2010, but it was not possible to complete the course due to a lack of facilities and infrastructure.

    The organisers have already announced that the race has a target of 100,000 runners, but the organisers have said that it is still too early to know the race’s exact numbers. 

    The Durban Marathon will be the third race in South Korea.

    The first was the 2016 Durban Games, which took place in June 2017.

    The next one is due to be played in December 2018.


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