The racecourse is situated on the banks of the Indus River.

    A few kilometers before the entrance to the racecourse are three picnic tables set up on the main road and a little further along, the first stage of the competition is taking place.

    The venue, which is owned by the Indian government, has been set up to accommodate around 60,000 spectators and is open to the public.

    The organizers have even created a Facebook page with photos of the area and the track.

    The organisers, however, insist that it is not a race for the rich.

    “The racecourse itself is not for the wealthy,” says the website.

    “The race will not be for the middle-class.

    For those who are not part of the middle class, we have a separate section for the poorer sections of the society.

    The race will be for all races.”

    The organisers have created a separate Facebook page for the race and have also launched a petition asking for a public inquiry into the matter.

    The petition, which has gathered over 30,000 signatures, says that the organizers are not able to meet the needs of the poor because of the size of the race track.

    “A lot of money has gone into the project, but what is left?

    There is not enough for the people who can afford to attend the race,” the petition states.

    “If we want to help the poor, we will have to go beyond the race itself.

    There is no place for a charity race in our country.

    I am not sure if we will get any help from the government or from other organisations,” says an unnamed woman from Madhya Pradesh, one of the four states that has organised the race.

    “It is time for the organisers to look at the needs and priorities of the people and not just the race, to help them live better lives.”