The Rosehill Racecourse is a luxury hotel located in Perth, Western Australia.

    Its a short walk to the city and the Rosehill Hotel & Spa has a stunning location, perfect for the perfect night out.

    You will find all the conveniences you need to keep you comfortable and organised at Rosehill.

    There are three rooms available to suit everyone and you can also book a shared room for your family to enjoy.

    Rosehill has a number of options for families to enjoy and enjoy each night of the week.

    There is a complimentary shuttle to the Rosehurst and the hotel has a dedicated restaurant and bar.

    Rosehall Hotel werribee has a large restaurant and cocktail bar, plus a large rooftop terrace overlooking the river and riverfront.

    Rose Hill has its own separate swimming pool, spa, and restaurant.

    The hotel offers 24 hour concierge services, as well as a private bar.

    The RoseHill Resort is the first of its kind in Australia, and has an unbeatable location.

    You’ll find the Rose Hill Racecourse Hotel & spa a short drive from the city centre and within a few minutes of the city’s busy Central Business District.

    RoseHill Hotel werribee is a great option for families and the family of up to three.

    The Spa is a relaxing yet relaxing experience with a beautiful view of the surrounding area and a private lounge.

    The room for three includes a comfortable bed, a double vanity sink, and two large bath tubs, plus one large shower.

    Rooms can be booked for up to five people and guests are welcome to stay up to a maximum of seven nights in the hotel.

    There’s a small rooftop terracing and a large indoor pool with views of the river.

    For those who are looking for a unique location in Perth to enjoy, the RoseHill is an ideal choice.

    Rose hill is a city of choice, with a unique mix of people, culture and lifestyle, which are all a part of the unique and special atmosphere of Perth.

    For families, it’s an ideal option to enjoy all of the conveniencies you’ll need to ensure your family’s comfort, and to relax at home when you’re away.

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