Here are the top 20 most visited places in Britain:Sandown Hills Racecourse – 5,000 people visit every day at Sandown Hills.

    The Racecourse is located just 10 miles from Sandown in Surrey.

    It has become known as the country’s first cycling track.

    The Sandown Hillside Racecourse (SHRR) has been described as the ‘most visited racecourse in Britain’.

    It has been the most popular racecourse for over two decades and is now considered the UK’s ‘most iconic racecourse’.

    The racecourse features three distinct tracks: a 5k, a 5.5k and a 5K run course.

    The 5K course is open to cyclists of all levels, with an additional course at Sandpoint Road and Sandown Road.

    The Sandown hill and Sandpoint road courses offer more opportunities for recreational cycling, with a dedicated lane for wheelchair users.

    Sandown Hill is the perfect place for those looking for a relaxing, fun-filled weekend in a small town.

    The 5K, 5.75K and 5.25K races have been held at Sandpiper Park, with the 5K running and the 5.55K running both being run for the first time in 2017.

    The course is well developed and has been well loved by locals.

    The racecourse hosts a series of family-friendly events and events for all ages.

    The main events at Sandpool Park are the Sandpipers annual ‘Kisses on the Run’ and the Sandtown Run.

    The race course has a number of restaurants and bars.

    The food options include a wide range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, and there is also a range of coffee, tea and vegan options.