There are plenty of ways to watch the Melbourne Marathon.

    You can watch it at home, on the couch, or at the pool.

    But what if you wanted to see it on a giant screen?

    Or in a stadium?

    Or in front of thousands of people?

    The Melbourne Marathon is running in Melbourne on Saturday, April 25.

    And what do you need to do to watch it live?

    We’ve put together a handy guide to watching the marathon.1.

    Purchase a ticket or go to the marathon on your smartphone or tabletIf you don’t already have a ticket to the Marathon, you can purchase a ticket on your phone or tablet.

    The marathon will start at 10:15am and run until 1:00pm.

    You can get the Marathon app on your smart phone or you can go to MELBOURNE  from iPhone or Android.

    The app will be updated on your mobile phone and tablet at the start of the marathon with all the official information about the marathon, including weather forecasts and the start time.

    You’ll also need to download the Melbourne race website to watch live updates of the race.2.

    Plan aheadFor those who want to be in the middle of the action, there are plenty who can catch the race online.

    The Marathon app is free to download and use and is accessible to all users.

    You can also purchase a pass, which is similar to a ticket.

    You’ll need to fill in your details and enter your race details, and your pass will cost $20.3.

    Buy tickets onlineThe app is also available to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

    The cheapest way to purchase tickets is to buy them online.

    You will need to enter your starting time and distance, the location you want to watch and your race preferences.4.

    Follow the instructions onlineFor those with mobile phones, you’ll need the app on their phone to find out how to download it.

    You should enter your start time and the distance you’re looking to watch in the app, and click on the ‘Start Now’ button to see the details and purchase your tickets.

    Once you’ve entered your race time and distances, you will be taken to the Melbourne marathon website, which will give you instructions on how to get to the event.5.

    Watch the event live from the comfort of your own homeYou can stream the marathon online from your home and watch it from anywhere.

    However, if you are in the suburbs or in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, you may not be able to watch from home. 

    It’s also important to ensure you have a strong internet connection to get the most out of your marathon viewing experience.

    You will need a broadband connection for the internet and streaming.6.

    Find a friend or family member who has a mobile phoneTo watch the marathon live, you need a compatible device. 

    You can use any smartphone or other tablet or computer to stream it online, or you will need your smartphone’s internet connection.7.

    Download the Melbourne internet streaming appIf you can’t stream the Marathon on your device, you should download the Melbourne Internet streaming app to watch.

    The Melbourne internet stream app is a free app available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

    It’s available for download for both Apple iOS and Google Play platforms.8.

    Watch from the internetIf you’re unable to stream the event on your own smartphone, you might also be able, at your own expense, to watch online.

    This is an option that has been offered on many major platforms.9.

    Watch live on the webIf you want your viewing experience to be as comfortable as possible, you could also watch from the web.

    The Melbourne internet stream app provides live webcasts of the Melbourne Marathon on a number of major platforms including: YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and Apple TV.

    The Melville Times sourced the above links for this article.


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