Racecourse organisers are working on a timetable to begin running their racecourse on October 25, 2019, as the racecourse nears its third year of running.

    The course, which is a joint venture between the UK and Germany, was launched in April 2018 and has been a major success.

    Since its launch, Thruxtons popularity has soared and there is now a new edition being planned in 2021.

    The new racecourse, which will be run at the same time as the first edition in 2021, will be the biggest in the UK with around 5,000 races a year taking place across its courses.

    The UK-Germany racecourse runs on a track that is designed to mimic the Thruex course at the German track.

    The racecourse is scheduled to run for five days during the season with each day being about a 50-50 split with the first raceday of the week being the first of the day for the first half of the season.

    Races have been cancelled in the past, including in April and June this year, but this will be a new year with a lot of new entrants to the race.

    There will be no spectator or spectator accommodation, but the organisers are keen to have spectators in attendance to see the races.

    The main spectator areas will be at the back of the venue, with a spectator bar and lounge for spectators.

    A spectator cafe will be available in the front, where spectators can have a look at the race and enjoy a meal.

    A total of 2,000 racecourse tickets will be sold for 2019 and organisers will need to sell around 500,000 in order to guarantee a fair share of the profits.

    Tickets will be priced at £20, which makes it one of the cheapest races in the world, with tickets costing £1.50 for adults and £1 for children.

    In 2018, racecourse owners managed to secure a record £1 million in prize money after a successful first year.

    It is hoped that the new race will continue to grow, particularly given the current financial situation in the sport.

    Racecourse website Racecourse.com, which runs the race, has already said that there will be additional racecourse facilities for 2019.

    This will include more spectator areas, more food outlets, and more hospitality.

    The organisers have also revealed that the venue will have an all-weather track, meaning that there is plenty of green to race on, with racecourse marshals and stewards keeping a close eye on spectators and spectators.

    The venue has been described as “one of the best venues in the country”, with its racecourse layout making it one that the race fans can enjoy, with the track also having a variety of courses to choose from.