Melbourne’s famous racecourse Gallops Racecourse, once home to the world’s biggest drag race, has been closed for renovations.

    Melbourne’s race course Gallops has been shut down for a major rebuild.

    Photo: SuppliedThe Gallops Raceway reopened in 2016, and was designed by Sir Paul Menzel.

    It was originally closed from July until October of last year for a massive refurbishment, with $500 donations being made to the Racecourse Trust.

    But it was closed again in March, after a major security breach.

    There are plans to reopen the racecourse in 2018, and is currently only available to the community for raceday tours.

    Racecourse Trust director Tim Ritchie said the Trust had not received any formal request for support from racecourse owners, or the Government.

    “There’s no money in the pool to do anything with it,” Mr Ritchie told ABC News.

    “I would imagine they’re not sure they want to put a lot of money into it.”

    Mr Ritchie says the race course had a “huge amount of support” from racegoers in the community.

    “We’re just not sure whether we’re going to get the amount of money we want,” he said.

    “So the race is closed for a while and we’ll be back in 2018.”

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