Racecourse Road Hamilton in New South Wales is closed for the weekend after the bushfire destroyed most of the track.

    More than 1.5 million vehicles were affected in the bushfires that tore through New South and Western Australia in the summer of 2016, according to the state’s Department of Emergency Services.

    A large area of the road was closed to traffic for several hours last Friday as emergency services battled the blaze.

    The track is the site of the world’s longest and most famous track.

    It is one of the only tracks in Australia with a dedicated pit lane, which is an open area where cars can’t run off the track and must wait until they hit the wall.

    “The main concern right now is that the road is in such poor condition, there’s no way of accessing the pit lane,” Dr Peter Thackery, a racecourse engineer, said.

    “We’ve got about 200 firefighters on site right now, and we’re working on getting those into position and the rest of the firefighters are going to be on site tomorrow.”

    The track’s entrance is only about two kilometres away from the car park, which has been closed for two days.

    The road’s pit lane was completely destroyed by fire.

    The track was originally constructed in the 1950s to serve as a training track for the state of New South, and was closed for almost a year to prepare for the coronavirus pandemic.

    There are a number of reasons why the track has remained closed, including the lack of any structural integrity and its proximity to the road.

    The State Government has said it will make an announcement about the track’s status this morning.

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