The Murray-Darlington Road will see the first road race at the Murray, the Murray’s Darling River, on Monday 26 October 2019, a year after the Murray was designated as the new Australian racecourse for 2019.

    The Murray Valley Racecourse Road will be the largest racecourse road race on the Murray in the world, and will see a total of 30km of road race courses in the Murray Valley, with an average distance of 8.5km.

    It will be run by the Murray Racing Team, led by Tim Murray, who is the Australian driver for the new world record time of 1:19.9 seconds, set by Ryan Hunter-Reay of Great Britain in 2020.

    The racecourse will run alongside the Murray Road, which runs from Port Kembla to Port Hedland.

    Murray has been a keen supporter of the Murray Racecourse and Murray Valley Road project since it was first announced in 2019, and has been working with the community on the project since then.

    He has been on the team for the past five years, and is keen to see the Murray become a major racing destination in the region.

    Murray’s boss, Tim Murray says it is a major step forward for the Murray and for the region, but the project is also about making Murray’s River a truly global racecourse.

    Tim Murray: ‘It’s the best thing for Murray and the racecourse’ Murray is confident the Murray will be one of the biggest road races on the planet.

    ‘It is the best for Murray, and for Murray’s river.

    It’s really exciting.

    It really gives the Murray a really big boost,’ he said.

    ‘If it works out, it’s great for the river and it’s a great thing for the race course, and it will have a huge impact on the community.’

    There’s no question that it will be a massive step forward.

    ‘The Murray Valley is the perfect setting for the first race, as we have the Murray to race from, which is a really unique environment for a road race.

    ‘But there’s no doubt that we’re going to be seeing a huge amount of people, and hopefully we can get a few more people to come on board, which will make the race even more exciting and we can have even more people come to the event.’

    Tim Murray said it is the first time the Murray has hosted a road racing event at the river.

    ‘We’re delighted to be in partnership with the Murray racing team on this project,’ he added.

    ‘This is the most important race we’ve been involved in to date.

    ‘I can’t wait to get going.

    We have been working on this for about a year and a half, and we’re really excited about it.’

    Tim also said that the Murray would be the first track to have an all-road course, with the course having been built with a gravel surface.

    ‘A lot of our work has been done on this track with the use of our gravel track,’ he explained.

    ‘As we are building the Murray racecourse in the future, we will have the opportunity to go all-out with gravel courses.’

    Murray’s Murray River Racecourse is a four-kilometre long, eight-turn course, including an 18-turn climb to the summit.

    It has been built using Murray’s gravel track and includes a total distance of eight kilometres.

    Murray said that while the Murray is the biggest racecourse on the world it is also the largest river racecourse racecourse project, with over 700km of course, which includes nine rivers.

    Tim said that it was the most ambitious project they had ever undertaken.

    ‘What we’ve achieved on the road course is phenomenal, we have had the best roads in Australia and the world,’ he concluded.

    ‘And we have achieved that with a very small team, a small budget and an incredibly dedicated group of people.

    ‘From a racecourse perspective, there is no question this is the largest, best racecourse of all.

    ‘There is no doubt the Murray river race will be seen as the best race on Australia’s river, and that is the reason we are so excited to have this project come to fruition.’

    Murray has built a massive racecourse at Murray-Croydon Racecourse in Sydney, which has been running for more than a century.

    The course features a number of unique features including an ‘adventure track’, where participants can explore a variety of the rivers in the area.

    The site has also been used as a training ground for the team, who have trained on the course.

    Murray, Murray’s, Murray River Road and Murray-Murray Racecourse.

    The road course will also have two stages, with a second stage being added to the final stage.

    The final stage will see riders run from Port Hedlands to Port Kemblea