WATCH: WATCH: The race is back in action for the first time in over two years.

    The 2018 NSW Government has announced it will hold a new competition for the public to submit photos of themselves and their cars in the Huntley Valley.

    The 2018 Huntley Racecourse Events Competition will run from February 7 to February 22, 2019.

    The winners will be announced at the NSW State Government’s annual State of the Huntly Address on February 23.

    “This competition is an opportunity to submit a photo of yourself at the Huntleys racecourse in 2017, and it will be the first to be published in the NSW Government’s official media releases since the last edition,” the HuntLEY Newsletter reads.

    It adds that the competition aims to showcase “the many things that make Huntley so special”.

    “It’s the best way to show your love for the Hunt, your passion for your local races and the great racing environment at Huntley.”

    Huntley is a small, picturesque suburb of Sydney with a population of approximately 6,000 people.

    While the 2018 Huntleys Racecourse events competition is open to all, the state government has yet to announce a minimum age for entries.

    There is no set limit to how many people can enter, although organisers will limit entry to children aged between nine and 17 years old.

    Anyone who wins a photo will receive a $200 prize, while those who enter will receive an additional $200.

    Those who win will be able to photograph themselves driving at the racecourse during a private session with an official driver.

    If you have photos you would like to share with the competition, please contact the HuntLEAKS team via Facebook or email.