On the eve of his birthday, Hambleton Racecourse was closed by police after the death of a man who died after jumping from the second floor.

    The death is the latest tragedy to plague the small township in southwestern Ontario.

    Police say a 22-year-old man was discovered on the third floor of the building and pronounced dead at the scene.

    It wasn’t immediately clear how he died.

    In an interview with CBC News, a neighbour said the man died of a heart attack.

    “I just heard a scream, and then I heard a big boom.

    It sounded like a bomb,” the man told the broadcaster.

    Police believe the man jumped from the third story of the property.

    They say they have a suspect and a body in the rubble.

    The man’s death came after two weeks of protests and unrest that erupted after police cleared the building.

    At least one of the men who jumped from a third-floor window was found with serious injuries.

    His identity has not been released.

    Police arrested two people after the unrest erupted in August.

    One man was charged with murder, one with manslaughter, and the other with assault causing bodily harm.

    The city says it has made progress in resolving the issues and has committed to keeping the site closed until the issue is resolved.

    “There are some serious issues that we’re addressing right now,” Hambletons Mayor Joe Clark said.

    “We are not going to allow anything to overshadow that.”

    The council said it is now working to secure the $2 million project for a community centre, a playground, a public housing project and a community garden.

    The council also announced a $250,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.