The GOP is in a panic.

    After a stunning defeat in last month’s presidential election, GOP presidential hopeful Mike Pence has suddenly found himself with a major problem.

    Pence is losing.

    The latest polls show him trailing in the state of Indiana.

    Now, the real estate mogul is facing a steep climb in popularity in the early states, which has left the GOP scrambling to come up with a plan to defend their nominee.

    But some Republican strategists are suggesting that if they can’t win the state and hold on to Indiana, the party might consider moving the race to Pennsylvania or even New Jersey.

    If Trump can win the Keystone State, the GOP’s chances of taking back the House will likely be better than in 2020.

    And if Trump is unable to win Pennsylvania, it could be enough for the party to put the ticket together in 2021.

    The map for 2021 Republican Party is already crowded with candidates vying for top spots in key swing states, including Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and Virginia.

    But even if Pence wins the Hoosier state, he’s only a half-term congressman, so the party needs to start looking beyond the state to make a real impact.

    In 2021, the Republican Party will be counting on several of its top 2020 prospects to win the states they represent.

    If they can do so, they will be a serious threat to the GOP, and they will not be shy about pointing out that they are not candidates.

    Republican operatives are talking about how they are going to spend money in 2021, with several members of the congressional delegation even telling The Hill they are considering raising as much as $5 million in contributions to help fund their campaigns.

    Some Republicans are already talking about moving the state, too.

    Former Florida Gov.

    Jeb Bush, who ran for president in 2016, has already started running for the Senate in 2018.

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is also considering running for governor, according to Politico.

    If the party moves Indiana, it will be the first time in more than a decade that the GOP has not held a statewide office.

    The party had been hoping to take the state in 2020, but then lost in the presidential election and is currently on the defensive.

    If Pence loses Indiana, and the party can’t pick up the seat, they would have to consider moving to other states, such as North Carolina or New Jersey, to try to prevent Trump from becoming president again.

    Trump’s struggles in the Midwestern states have also led some GOP strategists to consider taking the fight to the Midwest, the states that Trump won in the last presidential election.

    Republicans are also considering the possibility of running for Senate in Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the latter of which Trump carried in 2016.

    If the party loses Indiana and then tries to hold on, it might be enough to make the seat competitive in 2021 with Democratic nominee Tammy Duckworth, according a GOP strategist who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the discussions are private.

    Another candidate in the race is Republican U.S. Rep. Justin Amash.

    The Michigan conservative has already announced he is running for Congress in 2021 and has been making a concerted effort to raise money.

    Amash has already raised $1 million from the state party, according the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee.

    He has also raised $2 million from outside donors, and his campaign has been receiving more donations than Amash’s.

    Even though Trump is the most popular president in the country right now, the national GOP is struggling to make gains in a number of key battleground states.

    The RNC is also scrambling to win back the Senate.

    Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada is one of those states, but it could also be difficult to win in 2021 because of how competitive the GOP is looking to take back the chamber.


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