With a long-standing reputation as a place for the rich and famous to enjoy themselves, Melbourne’s Carlton Racecourse is getting a boost after being transformed into a cultural hub for the community.

    The site, at the foot of Carlton Street, has long attracted celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Michael Jackson, and is the site of a recent music festival.

    Its history dates back to 1874 when the Carlton Hotel was built.

    “The idea was to have a place where you could go for a coffee or lunch, or to relax,” Mr Kelly said.

    “It was an open space that attracted people from all walks of life, and you had to get your own accommodation and it was all public.”

    The site has since become a major hub for local businesses, with restaurants, shops and other places catering to locals.

    But the racecourse is not the only one that has a long and colourful history.

    Mr Kelly said the race course’s heritage came to him while researching his PhD at Melbourne University.

    “I was in my research and I stumbled upon a piece of property where there was a piece with the names of two men who had played a significant role in the history of Carlton,” he said.

    Mr Johnson said the history is “very rich” and the community has a great connection to the course.

    “They’re all very important, but we’re also part of it, too,” he added.

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