Racecourse operators in Norway are preparing to start selling racecourse passes to help keep the business afloat, as they prepare for the arrival of the next generation of runners.

    Norway’s racecourse operators are hoping to increase revenue by selling racecard holders at discounted rates to the public.

    The racecourse has been in operation since 1872, and is the oldest in Norway, and the first in Europe to offer a racecourse pass.

    Norwegian Racecourse Owners Association president, Søren Berg, said the racecourse is now one of the few businesses still operating in the country, as many people in the island nation are unable to afford to travel to the mainland.

    “The problem is that the local population is very dependent on the sea, so we are not able to offer our customers a competitive offer,” Berg told The Local.

    He said the new racecard will be sold at a discounted rate, from the start of next year until March.

    “In the next few years we will also be able to sell tickets to the races, which will help the business survive,” he said.

    The Norwegian racecourse operates in the Charing area of Oslo.