When it comes to dead cats, there are two schools of thought on how to get them out of the garden: you can throw them out with a bucket or use a net.

    But there’s a third option that’s gaining popularity: a cat catcher.

    In a bid to help save the cats, a cat rescue group in Kenya recently launched the Taturaa Racecourse Garden Cats Catcatchers.

    It works like this: Cat owners drop off a cat from the racecourse and the cat catcher goes out to find it.

    He brings it to a cage, which he then places it in.

    The cats are then given a cage and placed in it.

    The cat catcher has a net on his back, which allows him to catch the cat without damaging it.

    After that, he comes back to the race course to collect it. 

    After a few months, the cats are released back into the wild.

    In Kenya, the Turea race course has about 200 cats.

    Since it opened in 2016, it has attracted thousands of visitors, with the majority of them visiting the catcatchers for the catfood, and a few visitors to help with the cleaning and food deliveries.

    One of them, Ramesh Prakash, said that he’d never seen a catcatcher before.

    He said that it was something he’d heard about before, but hadn’t thought much about it.

    “I didn’t even know that cats had a net, but the fact that I had never heard of it, I didn’t know what to do.

    I just thought it was an idea that someone had thought up,” he said. 

    Ramesh has spent over $1,000 on his catcatners.

    He said that the catcats have also saved the lives of more than 1,500 cats.

    The other catcatters, Rakesh and Anil, are now trying to find new homes for their old owners.

    “The catcatches are the only way to get these cats out,” Rakeshit said.

    “We have been searching for them for months and months and have not found them.

    We’ve been looking everywhere, and haven’t found a cat.”

    The only way we can save these cats is if we get them to breed with other cats,” he added.