Posted September 21, 2018 12:17:52 After a four-day wait, Melbourne and Perth are set to kick off their respective Commonwealth Games with a historic win.

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    Key points: Melbourne, Perth are the first cities to host the games The first Commonwealth Games are scheduled for 2019 The games are scheduled to be held in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane on September 27, 2020, with a final in Adelaide on September 29The first Commonwealth games are set for 2019 and the first two rounds are expected to take place on September 26 and 27The first round is expected to be played in Perth on September 28 and 29 and in Melbourne on September 30The first three rounds of the Commonwealth Games have already taken place in Perth and Melbourne respectively and the games will start on September 20The first four rounds of Games Australia’s 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth on November 2 and 3The games will begin in Melbourne and Adelaide on November 3 and 4 and in Perth later that same dayThe first game of the two-day event will be held at Perth’s Commonwealth Games Stadium on November 5The first games to be hosted at Perth will be played at the Perth Arena on November 8 and 9The first two games of the Games Australia 2020 Paralympics will be at Adelaide’s Commonwealth Stadium on December 2 and 6The second round of Games Victoria’s 2020 Commonwealth Games will be on December 8 and 12The games to begin in Perth will start at the Adelaide Oval on December 10 and 11The first Games Australia Games in 2020 will be in Darwin on December 18The first Melbourne Games in 2021 will be the opening round in the city’s new stadium.

    The opening game will be a semi-final between the reigning Commonwealth Games champion Sydney and the reigning Victorian Commonwealth Games champions MelbourneThe opening round of the games in Melbourne will be contested between the Brisbane and Sydney Commonwealth Games finalistsThe opening event of the 2020 Commonwealth games will be between the Gold Coast and the Goldfields Games finalistsA day later, Perth and Sydney will meet in the opening game, with Melbourne beating Sydney in the semi-finals.

    In the second round, the Commonwealth games finalists will face off in the first round of eliminationThe first medal of the 2021 Commonwealth Games in Perth would be awarded to a woman for her effortsIn the first day of the second day of elimination, a woman would receive a gold medalThe winner of the 2022 Commonwealth Games would be crowned as the country’s most decorated athlete and a bronze medal would go to the athlete who has done the most to improve the Commonwealth’s standards for the Olympics.