A family can expect to spend up to $1,500 a year at the Sandown Hillside Racecourse in the Queensland capital of Brisbane.

    The course has been awarded a $1 billion tender for the redevelopment of the iconic course and is set to open next year.

    “It’s going to be a world class place to go to and we’re confident it will be an excellent place to have families, to have children, to enjoy a good time,” Sandown Hills chairman Michael McManus said.

    Sandown Hills is a major contributor to the Queensland economy and the largest private school in the state.

    It was one of the first private schools in Queensland to open in 1991 and is the only private school on the state’s Gold Coast.

    Queensland Education Minister Scott Morrison said the state was proud of its contribution to the industry.

    The Sandown hill track has been one of Queensland’s top venues for children to learn for the past 50 years.

    The Queensland Government has awarded the course $1bn to improve it.

    With the construction of the new Sandown Hall, the Sandworth Hillside and Gold Coast Racecourse will be able to host thousands of spectators every week, with the first race taking place in 2020.

    Ridership at Sandowns has grown rapidly, but many of the racetracks older courses were left without upgrades and maintenance.

    One of the challenges that comes with the redevelopment is the requirement to upgrade the existing racing structure, which has required major investment.

    It will cost up to about $1.8 million to have the racers installed, according to Mr McManum.

    A project to replace the track will also take about three years to complete.

    Mr McManume said the track would remain a unique attraction for families.

    People will still go down there for the track but there are some changes in the facilities, like the bathrooms.

    There are also some upgrades to the racecourse itself and some facilities have been added to improve the experience for spectators.

    “You can expect that it’s going, at least initially, to be an enjoyable experience for all,” Mr McManager said.

    “It will be a unique venue that will have some unique features.”

    There are a few changes that we’ve had to make to make it look a little bit different.

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