An English racecourse is hoping to lure jobs to its $100 million Hamilton campus by offering a four-week internship programme for young people aged 16-25.

    The company, which operates the racecourse near Hammersmith, is offering an internship programme which it hopes will lead to a number of job opportunities.

    The Hamilton Racecourse is looking for a team of apprentices who are 16-20 years old, and are able to demonstrate their English and/or relevant knowledge of the courses.

    The internship, which runs for three weeks, covers six weeks and covers a variety of topics.

    It’s a chance for young students to learn and prepare for jobs in the industry.

    The company is also offering the internship to those who have completed their GCSEs.

    The group of young people who are accepted to the internship will get to travel to the race track on their own in the next two months. 

    Hamilton Racecourse has recently opened its new campus in Hammersham, south London, which is now a part of the Olympic Games.

    The racecourse, which opened in 2012, is the second largest in the country, and was built in collaboration with the city’s mayor. 

    “Our young people are the future,” the company said in a statement on its website.

    “The opportunities that we have created in the last two years have given us an opportunity to create an environment where we can nurture our talent, develop our workforce and provide an inspiring environment for our community.”

    The company has a number other projects underway in the city, including a new restaurant, a sports academy, and a new housing development, among others. 

    The company also has its sights set on becoming a national leader in the area of hospitality, which has seen the creation of dozens of high-end hotels and restaurants in recent years.