Posted September 11, 2018 09:37:31 The Newbury Racecourse will be back on the market next year after being closed by the government last year due to safety concerns.

    The Newbury race course was shut down in 2018 as part of the Government’s “safety plan”.

    The venue has been shut down for more than six years after the State Government decided to scrap the scheme which had cost taxpayers more than $1 million.

    The racecourse was built in 1932 and opened in 1932.

    It was originally designed by Sir John Williams and built on a site adjacent to the site of a former royal hotel.

    In 1894, the Royal Commission found that it was unsafe and unsafe for children to play at the site.

    In 1972, the State Cabinet agreed to build the racecourse in a new location in a suburb of Newbury.

    In 1973, the council approved a development plan which included the construction of a new track and a new racecourse for the new race course to be built next to the Royal Inn in Newbridge.

    The plan was not approved by the council until 1984.

    It is believed the Government had to make a decision about the safety of children playing at the track.

    This plan was eventually abandoned.

    In 2016, the race course opened again to the public but it reopened for only the second time in 18 years in March 2019 after a delay of three years.

    It opened in the same location as it had been for 18 years before being closed.

    Newbury Race Course owner Peter McBride said the event was “a great example of how good a racecourse can be”.

    “We’ve had a lot of people come and see it and they’re very happy and I think they’re delighted,” he said.

    “They’re very proud of the place.”

    We’re going to reopen it for the 2019 race and hopefully the next year.

    “McBride said he had never had a problem with the race ground before and the staff were well trained and had been involved in the project for over 30 years.

    He said the new site would be an ideal venue for events such as the annual Grand Prix.”

    It has the perfect mix of facilities to provide an event and also to allow for the public to have a great time,” he explained.”

    The track is well built, the track is stable, the paddock is well designed.

    “I think it’s going to be a great place for people to come and enjoy a good race.”

    Racecourse manager Stephen Rennie said the facility was not ready to reopen and the Government should be ashamed of shutting it down.

    “When you’re trying to develop a new site, it’s good to do a trial run and then you can make a final decision,” he admitted.

    “That’s the way we like to do it and the reason we’re doing it now is to see if we can get the track back in operation.”

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