NEWCASTLE, N.C. — The Newcastle race track got an experimental treatment this week, as the race course got its own version of the show “The Amazing Race.”

    The project will be held in conjunction with the North Carolina Race and Sports Foundation (NCRRF) and the North American Touring Car Series (NASCAR).

    “We are very proud to announce that the race track at the New York Stockyards is getting a unique treatment this year,” said North Carolina State University’s Scott Cramer, Jr. “We have partnered with NCRRF and NASCAR to bring our first ever ‘experiment,’ to the Stockyards!”

    This is the first time we have had such an event at a race track, and we have an unprecedented opportunity to bring a variety of different events to the race facility,” he added.

    “With over 1,500 NASCAR drivers, we hope to get a lot of drivers from all around the country to take part in our ‘experiential’ race, so everyone can have a little fun and get a glimpse into the sport of NASCAR.” “

    The idea of ‘experiments’ is nothing new for NASCAR, but we’re excited to have a chance to bring this unique opportunity to the community,” said Cramer.

    “With over 1,500 NASCAR drivers, we hope to get a lot of drivers from all around the country to take part in our ‘experiential’ race, so everyone can have a little fun and get a glimpse into the sport of NASCAR.”

    This new project was created to highlight the importance of the race venue, which has the largest stock car and motorcycle racing facilities in the country.

    NCRR, the NASCAR and NCWRF sanctioned racing league, has had its fair share of scandals over the past few years, including the 2013 scandal that saw a series of drivers involved in a series involving underage girls, which included several NASCAR drivers.

    In the wake of that scandal, NASCAR announced that it would be changing its policy on drivers who have previously been convicted of child molestation or sexual assault.

    It also announced that all drivers would be required to undergo training on race safety and would be monitored for alcohol and drug use.

    NASCAR also announced a series-wide ban on driver drinking in the wake that of the scandals.

    Cramer said that the new race facility will be a good example of how NASCAR works to keep its drivers safe.

    “[The] race track will be tested on a regular basis and there will be testing facilities throughout the course,” he said.

    “There will be monitors throughout the race circuit, and the racing will be monitored daily and nightly.

    We have a lot to look forward to this year.”

    Cramer noted that the NASCAR drivers are in attendance for the event and that he hopes to have them back for the race on Saturday.

    You can see photos of the new track here: The New York stockyard track was the site of a controversial 2014 NASCAR incident involving Dale Earnhardt Jr. and a former teammate, which led to the former driver being banned from the sport for life.

    Dale Earnhardt Sr. was the first NASCAR driver to be arrested for a DUI.

    He was released from prison in May, but his wife has been battling with alcoholism.


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