Posted October 03, 2018 07:53:57Newbury Racefield has just been announced as the venue for the first ever Newbury Races.

    The racecourse will host two world-class races this year – the prestigious Australian Open, a fortnight from Saturday and Sunday and the Australian Grand Prix, which will take place in the coming weeks.

    The Newbury Road Race will be held on Saturday, October 4.

    A number of high-profile sponsors will be joining the Newbury community for the race, including JLT Condor, Hyundai, Brawn, Toyota, Ford and Hyundai, according to the Newland Country Club.

    There will also be an extensive food and beverage menu for the races.

    The Australian Open is scheduled to take place on Saturday and will be the final event of the season for the Masters Championship.

    It is the final day of the Masters, which is held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

    The Grand Slam is held on Sunday and will feature the men’s and women’s final of the US Open.