A racecourse has been fined by the city of Dover for allowing people to compete on its course without paying a fee, the Courier-Mail reported.

    The city’s Licensing Authority ruled the “unreasonable” behaviour of one of the company’s vendors in July 2017 “constitutes a breach of the law”, and fined the company more than $500,000, the newspaper reported.

    It also found the vendor “misled the public” about what the terms and condition of use would be, the report said.

    The report said the vendor had offered to pay a fee for people to use the course for two days.

    “The vendor should have been upfront about what he was offering and what it was going to be,” Licensing Commissioner David Hinton said.

    “We found he was dishonest, and he should have known better.”

    The vendor told the Courier Mail that he was aware of the city’s rules about racecourse use, and “there are certain terms and regulations that need to be followed”.

    The vendor’s company, K-9 Training, said it was aware that it would have to pay the vendor a fee but did not intend to breach any regulations, the paper reported.

    “In the past, the vendor has been successful in convincing others to enter the racecourse with him on their behalf,” K-8 Training said in a statement.

    “But these days, there is an increasing demand for our dogs and other wildlife that they can control in order to provide a better racing experience for our customers.”

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