The UK’s biggest windfarm has seen two turbines spotted on the Great British Wind Farm (GBWF) in Sussex.

    It is thought to be part of the UK’s effort to clean up the countrys air quality by installing wind turbines.

    The turbines are part of GBWF’s ‘Wind Power Week’ to coincide with International Wind Energy Day (IEWD) on February 16.

    GBWF has also installed two wind turbines on the Aventine-designed Winton Park.

    The windfarm’s owners said the installations were to provide power to the village of Aventines.

    This is in addition to the wind farm’s two turbine installations that were installed earlier this year.””

    The installations were part of our efforts to ensure that we were meeting our target of 100 megawatts of wind power generation per annum by 2020, and are a key part of this programme.”

    “This is in addition to the wind farm’s two turbine installations that were installed earlier this year.”

    The wind farms have been put in place to provide a safe and sustainable way of generating power to local residents.

    The countrys Environment Agency (EA) said on Wednesday that wind turbines pose a significant risk to people’s health and the environment.

    A statement said:”Wind turbines pose an increased risk of causing air pollution, causing health concerns, and disrupting the climate.”

    We would urge anyone with concerns to contact the authorities and report the matter to their local council or energy supplier.

    “In recent years, there have been a number of reports of health concerns linked to the construction of wind farms.

    In March, an EMA official said the agency was “concerned about the impact of wind turbines in the country”.

    The official said: “There are currently no known health risks associated with the installation of wind turbine infrastructure on the land, however it is important to be aware of these potential health impacts.”

    Earlier this month, a study found wind turbines posed a “potentially serious risk” to people, the environment and wildlife.