— Ballarat’s first 100th-birthday racecourse will be in full swing on Thursday as it celebrates the first 100 years of the city’s life and culture.

    It marks the citys 100th birthday on Thursday, with the racecourse opening its doors at 10 a.m. and running through the day.

    There will be two races on Thursday: the first is a five-mile run through the city and surrounding area, followed by the second event, which includes a 50-yard sprint and a race through the area.

    The races are free and open to the public, but all participants must wear special wristbands and wear a hat or mask.

    Ballast Point Park, the citywide headquarters for the city of Ballarat, will also be open on Thursday.

    This is a celebration of Ballas history and our great citys culture and heritage, said Mayor Mike Baird.

    He said it will be a great opportunity for Ballarat to celebrate with the community.

    We hope everyone who has attended the event over the past couple of weeks can get a chance to enjoy this unique event,” he said.

    In the meantime, the Ballarat city council is encouraging people to enjoy the weekend by enjoying the activities in the city.

    You can also stay in touch with the city through social media by using the hashtag #100birthdays or #Ballarat100.

    Read more about Ballashire’s first anniversary here.

    A special day for Ballashires history and culture is coming to the streets on Thursday with the 100th Anniversary of the Ballast Point Racecourse, which is being held in conjunction with the Ballashiras 100th Birthday Celebration. From 9 a.