The BRC racecourse will finally be finished, after years of delays and uncertainty.

    The racecourse has been a fixture in Bristol since 1864, when the British Empire invited local people to race their cars around its circuit.

    The track has been closed to visitors since the mid-1970s due to safety concerns, but the BRC reopened in October this year.

    It’s now closed for regular maintenance work, and only open to the public for the last few weeks.

    But it’s not the end of the road.

    The BRC has been plagued by problems with air pollution, including the closure of a track at the end and the closure in May of the two-lane track.

    Now, it looks like it could be on the way back to normal.

    The new Bristol City Council has approved plans for the BSC to close the BCR course for the next few years, which would mean the B&R racecourse would be fully closed for the entire year.

    The announcement was made at a meeting of the Bristol City Assembly, where members of the council’s transport, environment and energy committee discussed the B &R racetrack and its potential closure.

    “The Bristol City Centre is a vibrant, dynamic and exciting place and we will be looking to do all we can to make the BSR a reality,” the council said in a statement.

    “While we are excited about the future, we also recognise the importance of maintaining the current infrastructure in the city centre.”

    B&R Racecourse will be closed for maintenance from 10am until 4pm, with visitors allowed to return to the track for a short time.

    The council said it would not reopen the racecourse during the busy summer months, with a temporary closure in place until mid-December.

    However, the BRS racecourse is expected to reopen in 2019.