Doncaster Racecourse events can be one of the most enjoyable sports on the planet, but with a busy season and more than 70 courses already announced, the sport is in danger of being eclipsed.

    The Australian Sports Commission has announced that it is calling for a new competition to be launched in 2021 to be known as the “Great Racecourse Challenge”.

    The racecourse will be hosted in Doncaster and run as a series of six events, starting with the famous Doncaster Haydock Racecourse at the start of the season, culminating in the Doncaster Valley Track, which will be run for the first time at the end of the year.

    The new competition will aim to encourage the development of new courses in the sport, which is already growing rapidly.

    The sport has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with many young people from Australia now attending events.

    The Doncaster racing course will be the first of its kind to host an event in the city, with a new course on the way to Doncaster in 2019.

    The announcement comes just days after the Australian Grand Prix took place at the Donington Park, which featured two courses at the time of its closure.

    “We want to do what we can to make Doncaster a world-class racecourse,” Doncaster Council Chief Executive Mark Williams said.

    “Doncaster’s fantastic racecourse and the surrounding community is a testament to what we have achieved over the last 30 years.”

    The council said it had developed a strategy to encourage its residents to spend more time at events.

    “A lot of the focus is on attracting people who can afford to travel and who can spend time with their families,” Williams said in a statement.

    Doncaster is the first city in the country to have two courses, which were built by the Ford Motor Company in the 1920s.

    The first Doncaster was opened in 1937 and was followed by a new one in 1950, which has now been running since 1961.