A few weeks ago we announced the winner of our popular $1,000 grandstand tournament for people to attend their next weekend racing event in Sydney, with the grandstands at Knavesmire Racecourse and Grandstand Flemington, hosting the 2017 Australian Formula 3 Grand Prix.

    Now, it looks like the $1m grandstand at Knavemores racecourse will be the next grandstand for Grand Prix Sydney to host its first race in 2019.

    The racecourse and the grand stand at Knamesmores have been chosen to host the 2019 race, which is being announced on Friday by race director, Darren Smith.

    Racegoers can enjoy free drinks and unlimited food and beverages in the grand stands at Knamsmire, with food and drink options ranging from takeaway and takeaway takeaway food to burgers and sandwiches and drinks.

    For those that would rather enjoy the grand show on the track, the grandstanding will be held at Grandstands Flemington and Knavesmores.

    The Grandstandes Flemington race venue has a capacity of over 500 capacity and will be one of the largest venues in the Sydney CBD for a Grand Prix, with a capacity to seat over 600 spectators.

    The Knavesmere Racecourse is a two-hour drive from the CBD, with its grandstand seating of more than 600 capacity and over a million spectators expected.

    The grandstand will be available to spectators for a limited time during the Grand Prix weekend in Sydney from Friday, August 8 to Sunday, August 11, with fans allowed to enter the Grandstand for free during the race weekend.

    Knavesmills grandstand has already hosted the 2018 Grand Prix grand prix, the Formula 1 Sydney Grand Prix which was held in 2018.

    It hosted the Australian Grand Prix in 2018 and is the first Grand Prix venue to be held in Sydney since the Grand Warren Racecourse opened in 2003.

    The event has been held every year since it opened in 2007.

    In 2018, the race was held at the iconic Grandstand at Kensington, with organisers citing a growing demand for spectator accommodation.

    This year, the Grandprix will be moved to a new venue, and will also be held outside Sydney’s CBD.

    Grandstands will host the Australian Formula 4 Grand Prix on August 5-6.