On Sunday, the tennis venue of Wimbledon will host the first round of the Davis Cup.

    The first two matches of the semi-finals and the final will be played at the Winton Park.

    The Winton is a new venue for the Davis, the last venue to be built in the United Kingdom, and has a capacity of just a few hundred people.

    It has a grandstand and an indoor tennis court, but the venue has a reputation for being a “sporty” venue and tennis fans have taken to social media to protest the venue’s new lease.

    A number of major tennis events have taken place in the park over the years, including the Wimbledon Masters and Wimbledon’s main men’s tournament.

    The tennis venue will be hosting the Davis title match in the Wimbeg, which will be held on the first day of the tournament. 

    On Friday, Wimbledon and the Davis Golf Course in the West Country will host a Masters and Masters Cup. 

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    The Davis Cup will be hosted at the former Olympic Stadium in Oxford, which was demolished to make way for the new venue.

    The new venue will include a new, more modern facility and will host all four matches of a final that will be the first time since the last Davis Cup in 1996. 

    Wimbledon’s new venue, which is currently used by the Davis Tennis Club, has been built to accommodate a record crowd of more than 10 million people.

    The Wimbledon Golf Club is also planning to hold a tennis event at the new site, but will only be hosting a single-set tournament.

    As well as hosting the tennis final, the Davis venue will also be hosting other events, including a major tennis tournament and the Ryder Cup, which began in the U.K. on April 18. 

    According to the BBC, the site will host matches for the British Open, Wimbles, British Open Junior, and European Open.