By Laura KoehlerRead moreThe latest Irish Times story about racecourse campers in Cork highlights the importance of a “family holiday”.

    This year, on the 50th anniversary of the outbreak, the Times ran a series of stories about how racecourse residents reacted to the outbreak.

    This included stories about the families who stayed behind at home, while others were forced to relocate to more rural locations.

    The article also highlighted the importance for families to keep their distance from the outbreak by staying in one place.

    For many of the families, the decision to stay in one location was their only option.

    A year later, when a similar outbreak occurred in Dublin, many of them were forced out of their homes.

    The article also noted that many of these families had travelled to Ireland from places like Germany and Spain, and had experienced similar isolation in their homes, which they had hoped would ease the isolation.

    These stories, as well as the experiences of those who had returned to Ireland after the outbreak and were forced back into their homes by the outbreak’s closure, highlighted the difficulties of being in a community that is already so isolated.

    Cork City Council has stated that it is working to re-establish a “local community” for the community of the racecourse as a result of the current outbreak.

    The community will be based at the site of the original racecourse.

    It is understood that the race-course has not yet made any decision on whether or not it will return to community use, but it is understood the community will remain.