Former England boss Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted that he would do whatever he could to secure England’s place in the 2018 World Cup and said the national team would not be “in trouble” without him.

    In an interview with the BBC, the ex-England manager also confirmed that he was leaving his role at the helm of England at the end of the 2016 World Cup in Brazil.

    “We’ll all go home,” Ferguson said, adding: “I have a job to do.

    I’ll do anything I can to get us out of it.”

    He was fired as England manager at the weekend after losing to Portugal in the quarter-finals.

    Ferguson is set to spend the rest of his life at his estate in Oxfordshire and is currently working on his autobiography.

    He was sacked by England on Saturday after a dismal campaign in Brazil and will not be involved in the next World Cup.

    “It is a bit of a shock, but I have a life outside of football,” he said.

    “I’ve got to find some other way of supporting myself and I’ve got my kids in school.”