Patrickswell Racecourse has been awarded the top spot in our 2017 Customer Loyalty Awards for its hospitality.

    The award recognises businesses for delivering exceptional customer service and the company is recognised for its high quality of hospitality at the racecourse.

    Patrickswell has more than 5,000 people attending its events every year, which means the race course is home to thousands of people and the business has been able to increase its annual attendance by more than 20 per cent.

    “The hospitality at Patrickslow Racecourse is fantastic,” said owner and racecourse manager, Ian Patricks.

    “We have an incredible, dedicated and loyal community of people that attend every event at Patickswell and it is fantastic that we are honoured to be in the top five.”

    The business has increased the number of employees at the course, which employs approximately 80 people.

    The Patricksdale Racecourse hospitality team also recently introduced a new “Live Stream” feature which allows people to watch live videos on the race courses Facebook page.

    “Live Streams are one of the best ways for people to be able to get a good look at what is happening in the race venue and where they are at the time,” Patricks said.

    “People can also interact with other racegoers during events to give feedback on race conditions.”

    Patricksdale was named in our Customer Loyality Awards for 2017.