As the race was ending in Moradabad, a group of students were making their way towards the stage to watch the finish of the race.

    It was a peaceful day, with the students passing around a few cups of water, but things were not as they were expected.

    After the race ended, they found the place had been cleaned out by some unknown persons.

    The students asked the organisers to clean the place, but instead, they were asked to leave the area.

    The organisers took the students and asked them to take a break, but as the students were walking towards the exit, they saw a group sitting in the middle of the road.

    They asked the students to disperse and told them to go home, but the students refused.

    The student who was supposed to leave said that the next person who wanted to leave had a gun.

    The group decided to stay and watch the race, but by the time they were outside, they heard gunshots.

    The students reported the incident to the Moradagar Police, who arrested two students, two youths and a student of a private school.

    One of the students was identified as M.K.P. , who has been detained for interrogation.

    The other student is identified as B.R. , while the other student has been identified as D.J.P.(name changed to protect identity).