By Chris WrightThe New South Wales Government is in talks with the private equity firm Blackstone about buying a $4.6 billion South Coast mansion that was once a popular spot for weekend getaways, including the iconic Southwell Racecourse.

    The property, located in Cartmel, north-west of the state capital, is in the midst of a major refurbishment to the surrounding grounds, which will create an “open, vibrant and welcoming community”.

    The redevelopment is part of a larger transformation of Cartmel’s Cartmel Estate, which has seen the building transformed into a vibrant shopping precinct.

    The Cartmel Racecourse, a popular place for weekend breakfasts, will be transformed into an open, vibrant community.

    The plan includes the development of a new community centre, with the new residents able to access the track, and a new racecourse.

    But the biggest news from the new developments is the return of the iconic Cartmel race track.

    The track has been abandoned for decades, with most of its original racecourse land being purchased in the 1970s.

    A new race track is now being built in Cartmell, near the Cartmel estate.

    The racecourse has been closed since 2011 when the original race track was demolished.

    The racecourse itself is a mixed use area that has been transformed into apartments, restaurants, cafes and retail.

    The new plan calls for a new residential development with a hotel and a commercial complex on top of the track.

    In addition to the racecourse redevelopment, the redevelopment also includes the redevelopment of the historic Cartmel Village, which is now a community garden.

    The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

    The former Cartmel village is being redeveloped to include apartments, a hotel, a restaurant, a community centre and a racecourse site.

    It will include the construction of a community hub, including a supermarket, cafe and café restaurant, with retail outlets on the property.

    The development will include retail outlets for a range of businesses, including grocery stores, petrol stations, coffee shops, restaurants and an outdoor market.

    There are also plans for a public transport hub, with a train station, tram, bus, ferry and a cycle track, which should open in the next few years.

    “It is a significant undertaking, and one that is going to take some time,” Cartmel Mayor Graham Scott said.

    “We have worked extremely hard on this project and we are pleased with the final result.”

    The development is going well and we hope it will provide a major boost to the Cartmel Estate.


    Development Is Supported By

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