A new city-wide racecourse called ‘The Racecourse for Cycling’ has opened in Greenwich Village, and the new venue is set to be the largest city-run cycle track in the country.

    It is the latest in a string of initiatives by New York-based racecourse operators to encourage cycling in the city, including the creation of the NYC CityCycle Program.

    “Cycling is becoming an increasingly common mode of transportation for New Yorkers, with a growing number of people choosing to ride bikes as their mode of commuting,” said Sarah Harker, director of marketing and communications for the CityCyclists Club of New York.

    “This is great news for everyone, but especially cyclists.

    The CityCycling Program is a new initiative that provides a unique opportunity to expand cycling access to the entire city and beyond.

    We hope this program helps us build a more vibrant and vibrant New York.” 

    The NYC City Cyclists Club is the largest group of bike enthusiasts in the world.

    Its New York chapter is currently in its first year of operating.

    The club’s mission is to bring the passion for cycling to every community, and it is doing just that with The Racecourse For Cycling. 

    The project is the brainchild of Sarah HARKER, director, marketing and communication for the NYC Cyclists, and her husband Andrew, who works as a corporate communications strategist for an investment firm. 

    Harker said that the club is working with its partners to create the facility in Greenwich and that it is the first in the United States to have an official cycling track.

    The racecourse will feature a variety of courses including a half-marathon, a five-mile, and a 50-mile course. 

    “There’s a big need in the New York metropolitan area for new infrastructure for people to cycle,” Harkers said.

    “It’s important that we have cycling infrastructure to connect the people to the bike and the places that they cycle.” 

    “I want people to have access to this new infrastructure and to feel safe and to know that they’re safe,” said Harkley. 

    In addition to the racecourse and its new course, the club has created an official website and a dedicated facebook page.

    “We want to make sure that our message is heard and that we’re working towards bringing this to other communities in New Jersey,” HARKERS said. 

     The New York Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) has created a special website for the project, which also includes a map of the site, and plans to host events at the facility, including bike shows and classes.

    The New York Cycling Commission is also partnering with the club to develop a program to provide training for the community to help improve cycling skills.

    The project has received $1.4 million in funding from the NYC Cycling Commission, and its first season is scheduled to begin in January 2018. 

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