Racecourse staff are preparing for a big influx of visitors this weekend, after Queensland Police revealed that they will be handing out free tickets for thirks.

    They are expecting the number of people taking advantage of the free ticket sales to be up to 100,000 this weekend.

    The Queensland Government has put out a call for people to attend the official racecourse this Saturday to pick up a ticket.

    Queensland Police said it is taking a number of measures to improve the safety of the racecourse.

    It has also issued a new alert to the public, saying there is an increased risk of serious injuries and deaths in the area.

    “The public is urged to exercise extreme caution and remain vigilant as it becomes increasingly dangerous,” Queensland Police said in a statement.

    Police are also warning people to stay out of the area around the main entrance of the Queensland Racecourse.

    The Queensland Police Force said they are aware of reports of people being injured and are looking into the issue.

    Racecourse staff have warned people to remain on the race course for safety reasons.

    One person was taken to hospital after being hit by a car on Friday night.

    Police have said they do not know why the driver was involved in the collision and that the person involved is believed to have been on a night out at the race track.

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