A racecourse near Melbourne’s east coast is preparing for a return to the sport of marathon running.

    The Doombens racecourse is located in a residential area on the west side of Melbourne and has been open for more than two decades.

    It was originally a small country-style golf course, but in 2015 it was converted into a racecourse.

    It has a small track that is part of the track layout and the course is lined with hills, which the course staff say is ideal for running.

    The Doobens track is also home to a small racecourse on the east side of the city and there is a small course at the nearby Doombeng Country Club.

    A few other races in the area include the Australian Open, Australian Open and Australian Open Cup.

    With the racecourse opening, the race organisers are preparing to reopen it to the public for the 2018 season, said the race course’s manager, Andrew Moseley.

    “It’s very important to be back on track for our residents,” he said.

    “They need the experience that they have had.

    We’ve seen that from the athletes that are coming back from the Olympics.”

    Mr Mosely said he was optimistic the race venue would return to running in the near future.

    “We’re working on that and hopefully in the next few months we’ll be back,” he told AAP.

    “Hopefully we’ll see it again in the 2020 Olympics and beyond.”