Posted September 29, 2018 06:59:46 When the dogs of the Leopard Street racecourse jump off cliffs, they’re not just doing it for fun.

    Leopardstreet has a history of having its horses jump off of cliffs and buildings and, according to the owners, the jumpers are “highly skilled and very dangerous”.

    The Leopard’s head of operations, Mark White, told The Australian he was shocked to hear about the jump.

    “I can’t understand how anyone would jump off the cliff, and I’m really shocked about it,” he said.

    Mark White with his two dogs.

    Source: Facebook “We are a small family business and it’s quite sad to see people who have no regard for their own safety and the safety of other people.”

    Mr White said it was important for his family and friends to be prepared for the jump and said the owners would be contacting police.

    He said the jump was a “good thing for the environment”.

    “It’s not a sport, it’s not something that people can do, it is a challenge,” he told ABC News.

    Mr Whit said his family had been involved in horse racing for years, and they were proud of the jumping.

    They were “very excited” about the competition and the “great community” involved.

    Leopardstreet Racecourse was closed on Saturday due to the coronavirus outbreak, but the owners said they had been working hard to find alternative venues for the competition.