The BBC is planning to stream all the Olympic events live for free on its website and app.

    This is a major step for the BBC to get the Olympics live, and to stream them in one place.

    There will be no advertising, so you won’t be forced to pay to watch any of the events on the BBC’s website.

    The broadcaster will not charge viewers for viewing live Olympics coverage.

    The BBC is also rolling out an Olympic app on its platform that allows viewers to follow the athletes, track and field events, cycling and athletics, and track and golf.

    The app will be a live feed of all the events live.

    It will be available from Monday 26 February and will allow viewers to catch the coverage wherever they are in the world.

    The BBC has previously streamed Olympic coverage on its app for the London Games in 2012 and the Rio Games in 2016.

    The Olympics is a hugely popular event that is often seen as the world’s best sporting event.

    There is no competition for the title.

    It will be the first time that the BBC has broadcast live Olympic coverage since 2012, when the world recorded the fastest swimming and diving times at the London Olympics in 2012.

    The launch of the Olympics app comes on the same day that the Olympic Games in Beijing are set to begin, but the BBC will not stream the events from Beijing until the official time.