Posted November 12, 2018 05:04:10Leopardstown Racecourse, on the south coast of New Zealand, has reopened its first cinema in 10 years with a new feature on the screens.

    Leopardston Raceway, on Cape Tribulation, was closed in May due to a coronavirus outbreak.

    The new cinema, named Leopardy, opened this morning with a presentation by Leopardscourt owner David Leggett and a preview of the new film, The Last Stand.

    The Last Stand, which stars Colin Farrell, is about the last stand of the last surviving human survivors of the Ebola pandemic in the film, which will be released in New Zealand on Friday.

    The Leopardys last stand is also seen in the new movie, The Great Escape.

    Leggett said he was excited to see the new cinema as it was a good opportunity for him to work on the film.

    “The film is really about the human story, about how we cope with this, how we adapt to this,” he said.

    “I love making films and making films about human suffering, but it’s also about how do you live with it.”

    The Last Standing is scheduled to open in July 2019.

    Leggy Raceway has a cinema in Southland, while Leopardstrapt, which is part of the Leopardstone, is a new cinema in Auckland.