New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will soon begin a $2 billion overhaul of the racecourse in an effort to increase the speed and agility of the horses on the race track.

    The new plan is aimed at increasing the track’s speed, agility and stability.

    “I think the biggest thing is we’re going to put more emphasis on the horse,” MTA President Nick Jaffe said.

    “I think we want to create a more positive atmosphere.

    We want to be able to make a lot of changes.”

    The racecourse was one of the most congested in the country in 2016, and riders complained that the race had become so crowded they had to be extra cautious on the racetrack.

    The track is undergoing a $500 million upgrade that will make it much more inviting and safer for horse owners to race on it.

    The plan will include a new track layout, better signage, improved safety equipment and new lighting.

    The overhaul will also include improvements to the fencing, fencing equipment, horse care and training facilities, and a new racing center.

    The MTA also plans to purchase about 1,000 horses for a new race track at Bedford Downs, the site of the defunct Catterick’s Catterie horse race.

    The project is part of the MTA’s effort to create more jobs and revenue in the city.

    Jaffe said he expects the new project will be completed by the end of 2019, and that it will be in line with the agency’s plans for a $5 billion expansion of the city’s train and bus system.

    The $2.9 billion project is expected to generate more than $500,000 per year for the MTA, Jaffe added.MTA officials expect the improvements to go into effect within five years, he said.