The Victorian Racecourses Victorian racecourse is gearing up for a festive season with a major refurbishment.

    The racecourse will be transformed into a Christmas Village, with a number of new buildings, a large tree, and a holiday decoration.

    In a bid to attract more visitors to the Victorian Race courses Christmas Village will feature more than 50 holiday decorations, including a large Christmas tree.

    Racecourse boss Peter De Gennaro said he was happy with the Christmas Village concept, but was aware it was not going to be an overnight success.

    “I think this is an exciting concept but it’s going to take a lot of work to get it right,” Mr De Gennaaro said.

    “We’re going to do the best we can but we’re working hard to make sure that the process is done in a timely fashion and to make the most of it.”

    The Victorian Race Cymru also plans to invest $400,000 into the Victorian Aboriginal Culture Centre.

    Victoria’s Aboriginal heritage and cultural heritage will be a key focus for the Victorian racecours, with the Victorian Government pledging to spend $200 million over five years to build a new Aboriginal cultural centre in the heart of the Victorian town of Wagga Wagga.

    A number of Victorian Aboriginal communities will be invited to the community centre to take part in community workshops and programs to help them better understand their identity.

    Victorian racecourse chief executive Peter DeGennaaro has made a number inroads with Indigenous people over the past two years.

    He said the Victorian government had made a significant investment in Indigenous culture and cultural development.

    “The Aboriginal community has had a fantastic opportunity to make a big impact on the Victorian economy,” Mr de Gennaero said.

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