A video that captured the heartache of a man who fell to his death at a Surrey racetrack on Friday has been shared widely online.

    In the video, posted by the Surrey Raceway, two men are seen in a car crash while riding a racecourse track near the town’s famous horse race track.

    The man who was in the car with the other man has since died.

    Police are now investigating the death as a suicide, but the racecourse said the men were not wearing helmets.

    Surrey Racetrack said it was “devastated” by the accident, but said it had “committed to safety measures” following the incident.

    The video shows a man riding his horse on the track’s steepest part, before falling to his deaths on the race course.

    “It’s devastating, the loss of one of our own, the community, our racecourse,” the man in the video says as he rides the track.

    “The safety measures we are taking to improve our safety and the safety of everyone who rides on our course and those riding on our courses, it’s our duty to protect our community and our race courses.”

    “We’re committed to doing everything we can to ensure our community is safe, we’re committed.”

    The racecourse is located in the town of Surrey and it’s one of only three track in Australia that has a course that is not part of the main course.

    It is popular with tourists who can race up to a distance of more than 200 metres (656 feet) on a horse that can race at speeds of up to 60km/h (37mph).