Racecourse parking can be an annoyance, but the fireworks at the Hamilton Park racecourse in south-east England has been worth every minute spent in it.

    The fireworks are an iconic event in the region, which has become a major tourist attraction in recent years and attracts around a million visitors a year.

    They have been set up over a five-year period to mark the arrival of fireworks in the town and surrounding area, with the annual event being held on the weekend.

    It has become something of a tradition for locals to take part in, with many families turning up on a Saturday to take in the fireworks.

    This year’s event was held on May 17, and although the event has been run for several years, it is the first time that the event was officially sanctioned.

    Organisers say it has been a huge success, with around 200 people taking part in the first ever fireworks show at the venue.

    “We’ve got over 200 families who are going to be able to witness it in person.

    It’s been a big success,” said Hamilton Parks director of community services and social enterprise Dr Sarah Gillingham.

    She said there were now plans to hold more fireworks shows over the next few years, adding that the festival had been able to secure an “excellent” contract from the Department of Transport for the event to go ahead.

    Ahead of the event, Ms Gillingam said the organisers were hoping to increase the number of families taking part and wanted to “put a lot more families on to the park in a short period of time”.

    Hamilton Park Racecourse is located in the suburb of South-East Hampshire and is managed by the Hammersmith Racecourse Trust, which is based in the city.

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