NEWBURGH — As the world’s fastest bike race gets under way this weekend, there’s a growing consensus that Newburgh is best known for its cycling infrastructure.

    But what about its city’s cycling scene?

    And what does the city have to offer cyclists who are looking to get out and explore?

    As we enter the final day of Newburgh’s annual cycling festival, which draws thousands of cyclists to Newbury Racecourse Park, we take a look at the top cycling destinations in the city.

    The top three are all near the city center: the popular and heavily trafficked Newbury Racetrack (home to the world-famous Newbury Park Bike Club), the beautiful Riverboat Park (home of the annual Newbury River Boat Races), and the waterfront, which hosts numerous cycling festivals and events.

    While Newburgh was not among the top 100 cities in terms of number of bike-friendly businesses, it did rank as one of the most bike-oriented cities in the country.

    According to a 2016 survey, nearly one in five Newburgh residents said they regularly bike to work or school, and another 16 percent say they regularly ride their bikes to work and school.

    This year, the city has expanded its bike network and added more trails to the existing network, and it is actively working to improve its bike infrastructure, said Michael D’Agostino, president of the Newburgh Bike Share, a nonprofit bike sharing program. 

    “We are committed to making our city a cycling destination of the future, and we are taking the next step to get the bike share system up and running by the end of the year,” he said.

    The city is also hosting its annual Cyclical Fest this Saturday, with the theme of “Cycle the City” — a reference to the city’s famous cobblestone streets, which can be traversed by the city�s diverse cycling community.

    While Newburgh�s annual Cyclic Fest attracts tens of thousands of riders each year, its popularity has diminished in recent years, D’agostino said.

    While there is still a long way to go, Newburgh will continue to attract cyclists, he said, and he expects more people to make the trek to Newburgh to explore the city, which is already home to more than 200,000 residents.

    While cycling has been growing in Newburgh, there are still some obstacles for people who want to get into the city and enjoy the city as a destination for cycling, said Matt Murch, a Newburgh resident and avid cyclist.

    There are many barriers to entry, he added.

    Most cyclists in Newbury have never been to the island city, and many don�t even know the boroughs history and culture.

    “Newburgh is an island,” he told CNN. “You don�re really in the same world as the rest of the world.”

    In addition, many of the people who make up the cycling community do not know how to ride a bike, and bike shops are not allowed to sell bikes, he explained.

    There are also some obstacles to getting around Newburgh.

    Most of the borough�s residents live on the mainland, which has a far higher cost of living than Newburgh does, he noted.

    The borough has also experienced a significant drop in bike usage over the past several years, Murch said.

    In 2016, the borough saw an average of about 5,000 bicyclists per day, compared to about 2,000 in 2017, according to the borough council.

    That decline in traffic and cycling has also impacted the city in the past year, Murt said.

    Newburgh has seen an increase in the number of bikes per capita, from about 10 bikes per person per day in 2015 to more like 50 bikes per car per person in 2018.

    The borough also has seen a drop in the use of public transportation, as well as the number and type of bikes.

    There are currently 2,600 bicycles in the borough, down from about 3,000 vehicles per person and about 10,000 bicycles in 2017.

    There were 1,000 cars and 4,500 bicycles in Newburg in 2017 and 2018, according the borough.

    Newbury is home to some of New England�s most renowned and iconic biking destinations, and there are plenty of bike shops, restaurants, and events on the island.

    However, biking in New England is not for everyone.

    According to the Newbury Bike Share website, Newbury is known for being a bike-centric city.

    In addition to the racetrack, there is the Newborough Recreation Center, the New Brighton Community Center, and the Newburgh Park Bike Park.

    While there are more bikes than cars in Newburg Park, the number is small compared to the number bikes that are actually used in New York City, said Daniel Schulz, director of Newbury�s Bicycle Coalition.

    “Newbury has a bike share and