The race card is back in the news again this week after a black female cyclist was killed in New York City.

    But the most talked about story this week is the story of a woman who had the audacity to say she was raped by a white man at a course in Coimbator, Kerala.

    The race card has been in the headlines this week, with the story about a white girl being raped by an Asian man at the racecourse being the most popular.

    It prompted the police to arrest the man and send him to jail.

    The victim, who is the only Asian woman in the race, said she was riding with her boyfriend on the course in June last year when the man approached her and said he wanted to rape her.

    He then raped her, she said.

    The case prompted an outpouring of support on social media, with people calling for justice for the victim and her boyfriend.

    But there were also calls for the woman to be punished, saying she deserved to be beaten up and humiliated.

    The Coimbetor police have arrested the man, but he is still at large and the woman has not been charged.