Cheltenamshire Racecourse is a small, intimate racecourse in Warwickshire, just off the M1, in the heart of the county.

    It’s only open to the public on weekends, and if you’ve seen the race, you’d know it’s a small one.

    It opened in 2017 and boasts a small course that you can park and wander around on, with an area for you to put your phone or computer on a wall to get some internet.

    The main attraction is the 5,000-yard (3,100m) clay oval that runs along the course.

    That’s where you can take a spin on a number of different machines, including the classic 2-1-2-2, but the biggest draw is the clay oval itself.

    There are plenty of laps here, and the clay is as fast as it gets, which means it can feel quite fast.

    The venue is also home to the Wyndham-owned Cheltenbourn Golf Club, a private course that boasts one of the fastest courses in Australia.

    We’re looking forward to another visit.